This Alpha is on Sale for $0.99!

“Sin has to be one of the most anti-heroes I’ve ever read about and he was simply perfect.” -Merissa(Archaeolibrarian)

“This is absolute PERFECTION!!! Passionate and oh so enthralling, Unleasing Sin completely absorbed me into its pages from that very first scene! The words on these pages will give you goosebumps.” -Patricia, Goodreads

“Alex is a unique character with such a tortured soul that makes you just want to fall in love with him.” -Suzanne, Goodreads

“A powerful story about a horrific reality that gives our broken characters an HEA worth fighting for.” -Lissette, The Book Fairy Reviews

“Engaging, entrancing, epic with a tragic, heart-rendering struggle…[] I sobbed because Miss Wilson wrote a story that grips you in a most merciless way.” -Elsie, Amazon

“A.M. blew any ideas I thought this story would be and gave my dark heart strong characters, emotional jolts and pure reading treasure.” -JJ, Amazon

He also has a brand new cover! I feel like this captures Sin and Shelby’s true relationship so much more, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. Snag him for your ereader while the price is low and snuggle up for this slow burn, anti-hero love story!

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