Where Our Turn Begins

Caiti Harris thought her story ended the night her husband died.

She packed their history away like trinkets in an old box and held steadfast to the ache. Life granted her one love, and after he was cruelly ripped away, she knew there wouldn’t be anyone else.

When a tempting bartender invites her to stay for a drink after closing, she agrees to one night, not a lifetime commitment. His sinful smile promises to chase away the pain of the past while his chiseled body guarantees to ward off the unrelenting chill.

Her love life ended, but that doesn’t mean she’s sentenced to an existence of total solitude.

Dane’s world is exactly the way he wants. Tidy. He keeps a watchful eye over his bar, and remains a pillar for the people he cares for most. So when the woman he’s dreamt about for three years shows up at his door with a toddler in tow, he’s ready for the challenge. The two come as a package deal.

Caiti only wants to establish a connection with him in the event something happens to her. A backup plan to keep their daughter safe. She didn’t expect to be whisked away in an ambulance before she could explain her sudden return to Arrow Creek.

Dane’s vision soars beyond an eighteen year commitment. He sees a lifetime of settling down. And he’s not ready to give up his turn without a fight for their daughter.

Or her.