The Revive Series

A scorching duet filled with twists and turns, and a passionate fight for true love.


Twist by twist, turn by turn, Redesigning Fate is a brilliantly written tale full not only of intrigue, but also the challenges of letting go of the past and the uncertainty of experiencing a new love, all beautifully woven together to create the perfect story.” – USA Today Bestselling Author L.B. Simmons 

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Six months ago I packed up my car and left. My hometown, my abusive ex Travis—everything I’d known for the nearly twenty-two years I’ve been alive. Not that it was much, but it was all I knew about life.

The day I landed a job in a new city, I met Elias. He was an enigma. A mystery. One that I wanted to uncover. One I didn’t know if I could trust.

He pulled me in with adventure and the melodies of his guitar, but his secrets held me at a distance. He couldn’t tell me about what he did for a living, or why he took phone calls in a different room.

Then my ex returned. Travis wove a sordid tale of danger; That he was only there to keep me safe from Elias.

I never expected truth to be nestled in his lies.

For the first time, grab the Revive Series in one boxed set. Redesigning Fate and the sequel Resurrecting Her PLUS the novella, His Deliverance.