Project Standalone

It happened again. Here I was working on The Revive Series and Bam! These people wouldn’t get out of my head. They were arguing. Vividly. And they wouldn’t shut up.
Yes, this is real.
No, I’m not kidding.
You can probably Google it.

Anyway. I have a little snippet for you. No dialogue, just some thoughts. This comes from my untitled notsosecret standalone project.

This is unedited. ©A. M. Wilson –All Rights Reserved

“Loneliness could be carved out with a chisel, she thought, as it nestled itself so nicely into the space beside her heart. The walls that were meant to house protection of that vital organ were the very same which held onto the bitter resentment. The free spirit in Mindy began to crumble into nothing more than the residual dust of its former self, and she retreated while Daniel wined his new clients.

The betrayal burned so deep, like bleach ran through her veins, she thought her vessels would sizzle and melt from the inside out. The toxicity spoiled her goodness and the acidity eroded her very core until all that remained was the corrosion of disappointment and resentment.”

Relationship difficulties

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