Title Reveal and Sneak Peek

Next up in The Revive Series, we have Sin and Shelby’s story. This is a novella prequel, which takes place roughly thirteen months before Redesigning Fate. Today, I give you a small excerpt of Unleashing Sin.

This is unedited. ©A. M. Wilson –All Rights Reserved

I am Sin and don’t you forget it!” he roared, and I know it’s cliché but god, did he roar. The sound ripped from his throat in a howl that could rival the fiercest predator. His pain and anger morphed into something I’d never seen before. So yes, he goddamned roared. “I’m not a savior. I’m the fucking devil incarnate. I take shit and ruin it. I’m not your goddamned white knight, Shel. Don’t look at me like I turned your hell into roses. Look around you. Dark walls still surround you. It’s just a different type of prison.”

Sin Teaser