Countdown to Cover Reveal: 7 Days

I really, really need to work on keeping this updated. I’m sorry! Sort of. After the release of Indisputable, I immediately jumped into working on Redesigning Fate. I’m still working on the kinks of balancing this new gig as a self-published author. So I hope you all can hang tight and bear with me.

Since it’s been about 2 months since Indisputable release, I know I haven’t had a lot of new, fun stuff to share. I thought it’d be cool to do a countdown to my cover reveal of Redesigning Fate on June 3rd. So I made all these cool little teasers counting down the next 7 days. If you follow me over on you’ll be able to join in on a weeks worth of giveaways. Each comment, like, share, or tag counts as one entry. Make sure you check it out and come back each day this week for more chances.

I hope you enjoy my little game ❤ If you follow on Twitter, be sure to make your guess using either #ITrustTravis or #ITrustElias

Until tomorrow,
A.M. Wilson

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