His Deliverance

This is a standalone novella, a prequel of sorts to the Revive Series. It tells the story of two characters you meet briefly throughout the series: one who’s missing and the other who has a desire for vengeance…

Previously only available in the Reckless Anthology, His Deliverance is now available on its own for the first time.

Five years before Redesigning Fate comes Holt and Brandi’s story…

My alias is Brixton Holt. Using my real name could get me killed. When the
FBI needed a man undercover, I was the perfect candidate. Unattached and
an all-around badass. Two years of infiltrating the largest sex trafficking ring
in the country, I feel as dirty as the monsters I work for. That is, until she
catches my eye.

I call her Brandi. Her real name is no longer significant. She
knows the rules. Nobody leaves unless it’s in a box–a shipping crate or a
coffin. My first mistake was following orders.

The second? Falling in love.