His Deliverance

This is a standalone novella, a prequel of sorts to the Revive Series. It tells the story of two characters you meet briefly throughout the series: one who’s missing and the other who has a desire for vengeance…

Five years before Redesigning Fate comes Holt and Brandi’s story…

My alias is Brixton Holt. Using my real name could get me killed. When the
FBI needed a man undercover, I was the perfect candidate. Unattached and
an all-around badass. Two years of infiltrating the largest sex trafficking ring
in the country, I feel as dirty as the monsters I work for. That is, until she
catches my eye.

I call her Brandi. Her real name is no longer significant. She
knows the rules. Nobody leaves unless it’s in a box–a shipping crate or a
coffin. My first mistake was following orders.

The second? Falling in love.