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At the Risk of Forgetting paperback is here and it’s awesome! This is TOTALLY my favorite out of all my books. I went with the gloss this time, and it suits this cover so well. I mean, gorgeous! I’ll admit, I may or may not have slept with it under my pillow last night. I can’t wait to bring these along to my signings this year.

I’m going to be placing an order for paperbacks, so if you want a signed one, fill out the form. They should be live on Amazon here in the next few days, too.

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It’s here! At the Risk of Forgetting is here!

Do you know what the best way is to try out a new book? Read a sample. Really! Most retailers will offer a FREE sample of ebooks, so you can try them out before you buy. Go on, try it. See what you think. Here’s the sample of At the Risk of Forgetting available on Amazon. SAMPLE

That being said, I’m so excited to announce that At the Risk of Forgetting is now LIVE!!


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“She stumbles upon her childhood best friend and love, Lawrence ‘Law’ Briggs, at the local coffee shop. Dark secrets hold them apart. The deepest betrayal imaginable. Her daughter was a gift she’d never regret, even if it meant she lost him forever. Years of hurt and suffering can’t hide that Law still loves her, but is that love enough?”

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I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. These characters, the small town of Arrow Creek, it all came out of nowhere. I just could not stop writing! 90% of this book was written during the month of November alone. I can’t wait to see where these characters take us next.

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Cover and blurb reveal!

Look at this beautiful cover! I couldn’t be more excited for this story. It came out of nowhere, took over my mind (and therefore, keyboard), and in about a month, it was born. I’ve never felt a story so deeply as I did with these two characters. They completely consumed me. I can’t wait to share them with you.


Release date: TBD! (But really soon)
TBR on Goodreads: At the Risk of Forgetting

Special thanks to JM Walker at Just write. Creations for the beautiful cover and putting up with my multiple requests.

Cami has come a long way from the scared girl who left home at sixteen and pregnant. With hard work and determination, she’s built her daughter a dream life in Arrow Creek, West Virginia. As a single mom, career paramedic, and a homeowner, she doesn’t have time to entertain love. Or men. Or sex. Definitely forget about dating.

Fast forward fourteen years, she stumbles upon her childhood best friend and love, Lawrence ‘Law’ Briggs, at the local coffee shop. A painful confrontation ensues and challenges her carefully constructed reality. Her strength wavers with Law’s reappearance as half-truths are revealed and memories flood through the barrier. Each encounter uncovers the remnants of their deep feelings, but the pain and guilt between them leads Cami to believe they could never work through their past. Dark secrets hold them apart. The deepest betrayal imaginable.

Her daughter was a gift she’d never regret, even if it meant she lost him forever. The answer seems simple, but it’s not. Years of hurt and suffering can’t hide that Law still loves her, but is that love enough?


Coming Soon-At the Risk of Forgetting

I posted a little bit of this on my Facebook Author Page but I decided to add a little bit more to the teaser. Here you can enjoy an excerpt of my upcoming standalone, At the Risk of Forgetting. It’s a second chance romance full of angst, but with plenty of sweet and sexy. P.S. Don’t forget to add it to your TBR on Goodreads!

(c) A. M. Wilson 2016

As I lowered the phone from my ear, ready to indulge in a serious amount of coffee, an ominous vibe hit me. I didn’t realize where it was coming from until I placed my phone into my purse and looked up. The tall man in front of me had turned full body so that he was now facing the back of the line, his angry eyes aimed at me.

And all of a millisecond passed before I got my first look into the fourteen-years-older face of my childhood love.


Oh, God.

He was as beautiful as always. Same dark, unruly hair and gray/green eyes. Except now, that dark hair had a few threads of gray near the temples, and his eyes were outlined by creases.

And he was tall. So much taller than the last time I saw him. And built. Law was always strong, but more lean than buff. Now he had big, rounded biceps that I was surprised fit into the sleeves of his Henley.

My mental calculation of all the ways he’d changed was cut short when he opened his mouth.

“Explains a lot,” he growled, not trying to conceal the tone or volume of his voice.

Panic stole over me and I looked around the room for assistance. Everyone was conveniently rushing around or ignoring my blatant plea for an intervention.

“I-I’m sorry?”

“Fourteen years ago, you disappeared into the night. Without a trace. Nobody knew where you’d went. Hear you now, sounds like you got yourself a teenaged daughter. Explains a lot.”

I opened my mouth to deny, deny, deny, but playing dumb would get me nowhere. There’s no way in hell I wouldn’t recognize the man standing before me, just like I now know he knew it was me as soon as I got into line behind him. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he clocked me the second I opened the door to this place.

I studied my wet shoes. “You don’t know anything.”

“I never was a stupid kid,” he sneered and for a second, my heart completely stopped and my eyes snapped to his. He knew. I don’t know how, but he’s figured it all out.

“I’m sure as hell not a stupid man. I can do simple math. I know you wouldn’t have run away for the hell of it. Even if your whole life went to shit, you still had me and you knew it.”

“I’ve got to go. I’m sorry.” Screw getting coffee. If I stood there another second, I was going to break down.

Even as my feet carried me to the door, I could feel my heart trying to pull me back towards him.

“Just tell me who!” He barked after me.

My spine straightened almost painfully, the realization that he doesn’t know hit me like a semi-truck. “Who, what?” I whispered, not turning around.

“Who knocked you up?” This was growled from beside me. Right near my ear. The closest I’ve been to Law in fourteen years, and it physically hurt to have him so close in body, but emotionally, he’s never been further away.

I dropped my head. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Matters to me. Matters whose dick was so important you’d throw everything we shared away. Damnit, you dropped out of school and left town without so much as a note in my mailbox as to where you went. Do you know what that did to me?”


He tried to conceal it, but it was there, threaded through his words and his tone. And for me, it scored itself onto my heart. Next to all the other marks from leaving him in the first place.

Unleashing Sin-Excerpt

Copyright 2016 *A. M. Wilson
This is unedited and subject to change.

She scurries back against the arm of the couch, my words alone scaring the crap out of her. Her chest rises rapidly and falls slower with a long, deep breath. “All the men I’ve met in the past two years did nothing but drink. I can’t help but wonder if you’re one of them.”

The hand holding my glass of scotch freezes in mid-air, and the breath I just took expands in my chest to the point it hurts and I can’t take air in or let it out. I’m suffocating, her words are choking me.

Using all my control, I force the air out through my nose. It’s a slow, painful process. Everything inside is screaming at me to let it out in a loud bellow of rage. My muscles tense with the desire to beat the fuck out of something. Before I break the glass, I lean forward and, as gently as I can manage in my drunk, violent state, I place it on the coffee table.

My back molars grind together so forcefully it’s a wonder one of them doesn’t snap right in half.

Then I move.

With perfect precision, I stand up, plant a knee in the couch, and throw myself in the direction of the girl. An arm lands on each side of her, one on the arm of the couch and one planted in the backrest, caging her in. The girl’s eyes go wild with fear at my swiftness and proximity, but I don’t give a single fuck. Her words cut deep. So deep, I don’t think I can staunch the bleed.

Lowering my face to hers until there’s nothing more than a centimeter of space between our lips, I force her gaze to mine. She tries to hide her head, but I’m one step away from physically holding it in place.

“I’m a goddamned man. A man who lives and breathes life without anyone telling me what the fuck I need to do. I want to drink, I’m going to drink. I want to fuck, I’m going to find a nice, willing, hot wet pussy to fuck. I want to drive, I’m going to hop on my motorcycle and take off without relaying my whereabouts to anybody. I’m a fuckin’ man.

“What I’m not is a lowlife piece of shit who abuses and rapes women to get his fuckin’ rocks off. What I’m not is a man who has a woman beneath him wearing nothing but a thin tee, and more helpless than an injured bird, and takes advantage of that. Don’t doubt for one fuckin’ second that I couldn’t rip those tiny clothes off your skinny ass and fuck the shit out of you and you couldn’t do one. single. thing. about it until I was good and done with you. Don’t ever doubt my power. But just because I could, doesn’t mean I ever fuckin’ would. Don’t lump me in with those goddamned pieces of shit all because I like to drink. Fuck!”

Finished with my tirade, I throw myself backwards off her, grab my glass, drain it, and trudge drunkenly to the sink. My hands tremble so hard they make little tap tap sounds against the metal basin, so I grip the counter top until my knuckles turn white. Guilt swamps me as the moment recedes, and I start to calm back down.  “All I said is true, but you also don’t have to question my restraint,” I whisper. My heart pounds in my chest as the words choke me and painful memories flash before my eyes. “I would never fuckin’ hurt a woman.”

A Little Kinky Coloring to Brighten Your World


CMK Graphic1

FORTY Authors have teamed up to bring you this NAUGHTY coloring book. Each author contributed a “DIRTY” quote from one of their novels.

▼▼▼ BLURB ▼▼▼
The perfect adult coloring book for avid romance readers. Forty kinky, romance authors have teamed together to bring you this DIRTY coloring book just in time for a back to school treat for moms. These sexy quotes will light up your world and leave you wanting more. Time to get flirty with your favorite book boyfriends. Get ready to color your world kinky.